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Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews believe in a military solution with the Palestinians

July 3, 2018 at 2:00 am

As many as 65 percent of Israeli Jews surveyed in a new poll said they believe that Israel must “win a decisive victory in military confrontations with the Palestinians” in order to end the conflict.

The poll conducted by the Israel Victory Plan comes as senior Israeli security officials have reiterated that Israel is at a crossroads with the Gaza Strip, where the issue of “resolution” has returned to the agenda.

According to the poll results, 77 percent of the respondents agreed that in the next round of fighting with Hamas or Hezbollah, the army should win.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 800 adult Jews in Israel.

At the political level, 59 percent of Israelis saw the US President, Donald Trump as the most supportive American president of Israel, compared with 25 percent who expressed concern that Trump might seek a price for his support for Israel.

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As many as 21 percent of the respondents expressed concern that Trump could recognize the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, while 62 percent said they did not believe that would happen.

Despite the US administration’s decision to move its embassy to the city of Jerusalem, the majority of Israelis still believe that the Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugee issues remain the most difficult obstacle in the conflict.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of the respondents said that the Palestinians’ recognition of their defeat is a necessary condition for ending the conflict.

According to the poll, 39 percent of the respondents believe that the negotiations are the best way to obtain Palestinian recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, compared to 28 percent and 23 percent who believed that defeating the Palestinian will or economic pressure will achieve the goal, respectively.