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Poll: 44% of Israelis believe 'Deal of the Century' is biased toward Israel

As many as 44 percent of Israelis surveyed in a new poll said they believe the so- called "Deal of the Century" currently being drafted by the US administration to resolve the Palestinian- Israeli conflict is biased in favour of Israel, Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported.

According to the poll results, only 7 percent of the poll respondents said the deal is biased in favour of the Palestinians while 31 percent considered it balanced.

The paper said an independent center conducted the poll on its behalf to mark the 242nd anniversary of the US independence which falls on Wednesday, July 4.

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According to the poll a majority of respondents are satisfied with the US support for Israel.

As many as 84 percent of respondents said the US will help Israel if its existence was endangered compared to only 9 percent who said it will not help it, and 7 percent who said they did not know.

Meanwhile, 66 percent of the respondents said the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, correctly manages the Israeli-American relations compared to 21 percent who did not agree and 13 percent who said they did not know.

The paper did not mention the number of respondents who participated in the poll or the date it was conducted.

The Palestinians have already rejected the deal saying that it excludes Jerusalem and the refugees issue from the solution and allows Israel to control large areas in the West Bank and gives it absolute security control

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