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Russia gives ultimatum to Syrian rebels in Daraa

Syrians can be seen fleeing Daraa due to the air strikes carried out by the Syrian Regime [Ammar Al Ali/Anadolu Agency]

The Free Syrian Army has said that Russia has given its leadership an ultimatum to hand over the border strip between Syria and Jordan to the west of Daraa within 24 hours, Quds Net News reported on Sunday. A ceasefire reached between the FSA and the Russians has started to take effect on the ground in the south-western areas of the country.

Al Jazeera, meanwhile, reported that several locations had witnessed violent clashes between the Syrian opposition forces and regime troops near the Nassib border crossing west of Daraa. A correspondent for the media network said that the regime reinforced its control over the road leading to the crossing from the east of Daraa, noting that official Syrian TV claimed that the troops had started to set up a military base in the area. Massive troop movements have been seen near the border with Jordan, added Tamer Al-Sammadi. They appear to be heading towards Nassib.

Military media in Syria broadcast aerial pictures of the border crossing after it had been taken over by Syrian troops in the wake of a deal between the opposition forces and Russian on Friday. The Syrian military operation backed by Russia which started on 19 June has forced more than 320,000 Syrians out of their homes, said the UN. Many are heading towards the border with Jordan.

Local Syrian sources, however, suggested that more than 20,000 people had returned to 13 towns and villages since Friday. More people are going back towards the areas included in the deal, they insisted.

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