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Israeli settlers stone border cops in West Bank, injuring 1

Image of Israeli settlers [file photo]
Israeli settlers [File photo]

Jewish settlers attacked Israeli occupation forces near Yitzhar settlement in the West Bank on Wednesday, injuring one female Border Police officer in the head who was hospitalised.

Masked settler youth threw stones at a group made up of Border Police and Israeli defense ministry officials, who were “conducting a routine patrol”.

According to reports, “a Border Policeman was hit in the head and a Civil Administration member was hit in the back with stones”.

The Israeli forces responded to the settlers “by using crowd dispersal measures”, and one “fired into the air”. No settlers were injured.

Three settlers were arrested on suspicion of throwing stones at the Israeli forces, “while another suspect, whose identity remains unknown, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer”.

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“This is a serious incident which resulted in the injury of a Border Police soldier, at a place where our forces shouldn’t feel threatened”, the Border Police said.

“We responded quickly and arrested three suspects. We’ll always implement a zero tolerance policy when it comes to those who intend to harm our soldiers and security forces, regardless of their religion or ethnicity,” concluded the statement.

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