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The explosion in Gaza is coming

Smoke and fire rises above buildings during an Israeli air strike on Gaza City on 14 July 2018 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]
Smoke and fire rises above buildings during an Israeli air strike on Gaza City on 14 July 2018 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

The constant fascist statements made by the Israeli enemy officials and the continued hostility began with the 12-year blockade and continued with the phenomenon of opening fire on the protesters, air strikes, the destruction of homes and vital facilities and factories, the burning of crops, the flooding of fishing boats, the spreading death throughout every inch of the Gaza Strip after turning it into a shooting range, and the failure of every mediator to achieve a permanent truce.

All of this and more confirms the countdown to a fully-fledged Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. It has become an inevitable reality, despite the attempts of some to cover up the enemy's intentions and goals, which the enemy itself was unable to hide. Even its existence is based on violence, occupation, displacing the Palestinian people from their homeland, and imposing eternal exile on them in all four corners of the earth.

I will not deny the presence of Egyptian, Arab and international attempts, both over and under the table, to extinguish the fire before it sets fire to the entire region and before the fire spreads to the entire world.

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There are many reasons contributing to prompting the enemy to launch this Holocaust for the fourth time. They include the following:

First, the enemy failed miserably to limit the blessed March of Return, which lasted more than 100 days. It will certainly fail to eliminate the incendiary kite and balloon war, which is a testament to this nation's brilliance and the genius of resistance.

In addition to surprising and confusing the enemy it caused heavy losses in its ranks, both physical and psychological. It caused the burning of more than 21,500 acres of the settler crops in the settlements of the Gaza envelope, as admitted by the Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman. It also struck fear in the hearts of the settlers who raised their voices and organised angry protests against Netanyahu and his government, accusing the Israeli government of failing to protect the settlers, their property and agricultural products. They also called the government out on its failure to contain the kite war, which has become a curse frightening Israel.

Naftali Bennett's statements in the Knesset and his demand that the army shoot at those launching the incendiary kites and balloons, considering it the only way to eliminate this terror affecting the settlers, indicates that the enemy can no longer tolerate the continuing resistance and the kite war. It suggests that it cannot bear the growing financial and psychological losses caused by the resistance. This was revealed by Israel's Channel 10.

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Second is the growing Israeli division regarding the way to eliminate the resistance and the inability of Netanyahu's gang and extremists to find a way out of the impasse it has reached. They have become prisoners to extremism and the settlements after refusing to abide by the international resolutions and conventions. This has recently prompted it to intensify its hostility by all means and methods, as well as Egypt's intervention and agreeing on a truce. This was after the resistance applied the concept of "a bombing for a bombing".

Third, the Great Return marches, the incendiary kites, and the burning tyres have also led to the growth of international sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian people in the form of boycotting Israeli goods and products. The Irish parliament has even decided to boycott Israeli goods. Furthermore, hostility towards Israel, its occupation, the boycott of its goods, and the demand for its prosecution in the ICC have all become international demands in light of the crimes committed by the occupation and settlement gangs against the defenceless Palestinian citizen. This is also due to the ethnic cleansing war that reached its peak with the destruction of the Um Al-Araqib 127 times, the demolition of the village of Abu Nawar, and Yatta, and now Israel has made a decision to demolish Khan Al-Ahmar.


Fourth, the American position against the Palestinian people and supporting the occupation, settlements and the transfer, along with the faltering Arab position and European complicity, are all considered the greatest encouragement for Netanyahu's gang to launch a new Holocaust and a fully-blown war against 2 million Palestinians trapped in 360 square kilometres.

In short, the countdown to a fully-fledged Israeli war on Gaza has begun. This crime will not be stopped, or curbed, by any other means than the ability of the courageous resistance to inflict the greatest and most severe losses on the usurper. What goes around comes around.

Cartoon – Gazans suffer at the hands of Israel

This article first appeared in Arabic in the Palestinian Information Centre on 19 July 2018

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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