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Data: Israelis leaving and not returning to Israel

August 15, 2018 at 11:23 am

Ultra Orthodox Jewish people stage a protest against compulsory military service in Jerusalem on 218 March, 2017 (Gil Cohen Magen – Anadolu Agency )

The number of Israelis leaving the country is higher than the number of those who are immigrating, Arab48reported data from the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) showing.

Data from 2016 showed that 6,300 more Israelis left Israel than those who moved back to the country.

The CBS statistics also showed that between 560,000 and 596,000 Israelis remained abroad at the end of 2016. This number does not include children born outside the country.

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According to the data, 53 per cent of the people who left were accompanied by their wives, but only 38 per cent of those who returned brought their wives back with them.

At least 26 per cent of those who left in 2016 emigrated to Israel during the last decade.

The data showed that the average age of those who left Israel in 2016 was 28.3 and 53 per cent of them were male.

In 2016, 8,900 Israelis, from those who remained abroad more than a year, returned to Israel, compared to 8,500 in 2015, including 6,700 Jews and 2,200 non-Jews with an age average of 29.1.