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New bread shortage crisis in Sudan

August 28, 2018 at 10:42 am

A Sudanese baker prepares bread in North Darfur, Sudan [UNAMID/Flickr]

Scores of people in Sudan have been forced to wait in long queues outside bakeries in the capital Khartoum after the country was hit by a new bread shortage.

Bakery owners attributed the current crisis to not receiving their full share of flour; explaining that they had to reduce production, AFP reported.

According to residents in Khartoum, since reducing production the bakeries sell only 20 loaves of bread to each customer which is insufficient.

Meanwhile, a government source, who asked not to be named said that “a number of wheat mills have stopped production as a result of the government’s failure to meet some of its financial obligations”.

In January Sudan experienced a severe bread shortage crisis due to the increased price of flour which had been subsidised by the government.

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