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Saudi Islamic scholar Safar Al-Hawali transferred to hospital for health deterioration

Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali [file]
Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali [File photo]

The Saudi authorities have transferred the Saudi Islamic scholar Safar Al-Hawali to hospital after his health conditions’ severe deterioration inside his prison cell, during the past hours.

The Twitter account of Prisoners of Conscience said that Al-Hawali’s life has become in danger after the deterioration of his health conditions inside his prison cell.

It is confirmed that Sheikh Dr Safar Al-Hawali was taken to hospital after his severe health deterioration during the past hours

The Sheikh was arrested and taken to prison by an ambulance, as he is suffering from a stroke, broken pelvis, and renal failure.

In mid-August, the Twitter account reported that the Sheikh’s health conditions have severely deteriorated within a month after his arrest.

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On 12 July, the Saudi authorities arrested the Islamic scholar Safar Al-Hawali in his house and transferred him with an ambulance to his prison cell.

At the same time, another masked military force stormed the house of his brother Sheikh Saadallah and arrested him before arresting the Islamic scholar’s two sons, Abdullah and Abdul Rahman.

Observers said that the arrests came against the backdrop of a book published by Sheikh Al-Hawali, entitled Muslims and Western Civilization.

Parts of the book, which activists published on social media websites, contained harsh criticism of the policies of the current Saudi regime, in particular, its closeness to the United States, the UAE, and the Egyptian government, as well as criticism of Saudi participation in the embargo against Qatar.

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