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Israel: Syria has deployed 4 Russia missile defence systems

October 26, 2018 at 11:04 am

Russian S-400 air defence system, 6 September 2018 [Facebook]

The Syrian regime has deployed four S-300 anti-aircraft missile defence systems in the north of the country, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported yesterday.

The newspaper released footage it said was taken by an Israeli satellite that shows one of the batteries supplied by Russia to Syria.

According to the paper, the four missile launchers are believed not to be operational yet because some of the components are still unavailable.

The newspaper said that one of the S-300 defence batteries is deployed in the ​​Musyaf area, north of the city of Homs.

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According to the paper, the region has a network of Syrian arms industries where Iran and Syria have been trying to manufacture precision weapons for Hezbollah, adding that “Israel has attacked the area several times in recent years”.

The paper said Syrian soldiers had not yet been trained in how to operate the system.

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