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PA holds Israel responsible for escalation in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza deal with the aftermath of Israel's deadly strikes

The Palestinian Authority (PA) yesterday placed full responsibility for the escalation in Gaza on the Israeli occupation, Quds Press reported.

"The Israeli occupation government drags our country and the whole region in to more dangers and tensions through its aggressive policies," spokesman Yousef Al-Mahmoud said.

He also warned the Israeli occupation against committing crimes against the Palestinian people and their property, as well as from carrying out "crimes against the steadfast people in Gaza".

The international community must "afford international protection" for the Palestinian people, he added.

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After three day of attacks on Gaza, the Israeli occupation agreed to a ceasefire last night. Fourteen Palestinians were killed during the Israeli attack on the Strip and more than 35 were wounded. Eighty flats were completely destroyed and 800 were damaged, while the Al-Aqsa satellite channel was targeted and had its building completely destroyed.

According to the housing ministry in Gaza, the Israeli occupation fully destroyed 80 apartments, and caused severe damage to 50 apartments and light damage to 750 others.

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