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Tunisia: Committee for the Defence of Belaid and Brahimi plans to sue Ennahda movement Agencies

December 3, 2018 at 4:46 am

The committee for the Defence of opposition lawyers Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahimi, who were assassinated in 2013, announced its intention to file a lawsuit to disband Ennahda party on the grounds of having “links to terrorism”.

A deputy of Ennahda movement described such attempt as part of a political project to exclude the opponent to guarantee victory in the elections. According to Ennahda MP, “The judiciary will set the record straight regarding accusations previously denied by the movement.”

Ali Kalthoum, member of the committee for the Defence of Belaid and Brahimi asserted that “the Committee will soon file a lawsuit to dissolve Ennahda movement based on the seventh chapter of the Anti-terrorism Law, which enables the dissolution of any party or association found to be associated with terrorism.

Chapter VII of the Tunisian Anti-Terrorism Law provides for charging legal persons, including political parties, associations or organisations, in case of supporting activities connected with terrorist crimes.

If the concerned political party or association was found to be involved in activities that support terrorism, the law shall disband such institution or ban its political activities for up to five years, according to the same chapter.

Kalthoum also indicated: “We have studied this case thoroughly and we have documents [about evidence he chose not to disclose] that prove the involvement of Ennahda movement in political assassinations.”

Essebsi: Ennahda statement is a threat

Ennahda MP Samir Dilou told Anadolu Agency: “We are not worried about what the Defence Committee has announced, but all we can perceive here is blatant evidence that these actions are only a facade of a political ruse to make a shortcut to the election race and block political rivalry, following the saying: “Victory comes after excluding the opponent.”

Dilou added that Ennahda movement respects the right granted to all Tunisian citizens, including committees, political parties, etc., to resort to the judiciary whenever they feel the need.

He pinpointed: “The only one thing we should mention is that accusers have to press charges in court, and the judiciary will set the record straight.”

In a press conference last October, the committee for the Defence of opposition leaders Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahimi accused Ennahda of forming a “secret apparatus” involved in political assassinations. Hence, the accusations were met with a categorical denial from the movement’s part.

Chokri Belaid was assassinated on February 6, 2013, shot dead in front of his house. Consequently, Belaid’s assassination triggered a political earthquake in the country. Later on, the situation escalated with a second assassination which targeted general coordinator of the Popular Movement, Mohamed Brahimi, on July 25 of the same year.