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#WeAreAllMary: Fighting for the rights of women in Jerusalem

January 31, 2019 at 2:45 pm

A screenshot from the animated campaign video created by the #WeAreAllMary movement [Facebook]

A global campaign highlighting the plight of the Palestinian women of Jerusalem living under Israeli occupation has taken social media networks by storm.

Launched on 28 January, the #WeAreAllMary campaign set out to shed light on the struggle of Palestinian women and the challenges they face living under occupation. It aims to show solidarity with the women and “contribute to the lifting of injustice upon them”.

“Mary” is described by the campaigners as “a symbolic figure inspired by the reality of the women of al-Quds who faces oppression for following and standing firm to the values and principles she believes in.” The campaign’s name is also inspired by the blessed mother of Jesus, who in Quranic and biblical traditions is no stranger to the streets of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The international campaign which promotes solidarity with the women of Jerusalem, has invoked an international response with the hashtag #WeAreAllMary.

The hashtag made rounds on social media in various languages including in Arabic #كلنا_مريم, Turkish #HepimizMeryem and Malay #KitaSemuaMaryam.

The campaign has helped bring to life the Jerusalemite woman, raising awareness of individual stories and achievements:

Samah Jabr

Lina Al-Jarbouni

Fatima Mohammad Bernawi

Shireen Issawi

And many more