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Moroccan city of Marrakech hosts meeting of African Masonic Movement

Moroccan media reported that a meeting of the African Masonic Movement was held last weekend in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, during which the issues of freedom, education and governance were discussed.

The Moroccan-based newspaper Al-Ayam 24 stated that the city of Marrakesh hosted the 27th session of the African Masons which discussed the topic "What is the economic and social development model for the advancement of our societies?"

The meeting, which ended on Saturday, and was held in complete secrecy, touched on sub-themes such as freedoms, education, and governance.

The newspaper explained that the selection of Morocco to host the Grand Forum of the "Free Founders" came after the cancellation of the decision that the Senegalese capital Dakar be a location for their meeting and the agreement on the city of Marrakech to hold it. The meeting was attended by about 600 African political and economic personalities, including many well-known Moroccan personalities.

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The meeting was organised by the Moroccan Mausoleum, a gathering of Masons in Morocco.

The Masonic gathering in Africa launched an urgent call to the governments of African countries, all regional organisations, all African States, all international organisations, states, men and women to "make their best to promote the establishment of an independent judiciary that guarantees human rights and individual freedoms".

The secret meeting called for a review of the educational contents of African countries and for the development of educational curricula that would be compatible with the culture of African countries and would be open to the world without complication.

The meeting also recommended the creation of a unified African currency, the African franc, because the absence of an African currency "forms a major obstacle to the economic and social development of the African continent."

Morocco is one of the few countries in North Africa that does not restrict Masonic events, unlike neighbouring countries such as Algeria and Tunisia.

Al-Ayam 24 also stated that many of the Moroccan businessmen and politicians have been frequently attending Masonic events in the world, most notably the late Interior Minister Driss Basri, who did not hide his affiliation to the African Masons, as well as the adviser of the late Hassan II, Ahmed Reda Guedira, and other personalities who had assumed ministerial positions.

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