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Jordan protests over Israel violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque

February 19, 2019 at 9:48 am

Jordanians shout slogans during a protest against the closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Amman, Jordan on 15 July 2017 [Salah Malkawi/Anadolu Agency]

Jordan yesterday lodged a protest note with the Israeli foreign ministry, slamming provocative Israeli actions against Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jordanian news agency Petra reported.

Jordan called for Israel to stop its violations of Al-Aqsa’s sanctity immediately.

Aggression against Al-Aqsa - Cartoon [Sarwar Ahmed/MiddleEastMonitor]

Aggression against Al-Aqsa – Cartoon [Sarwar Ahmed/MiddleEastMonitor]

Meanwhile, spokesman of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry Sufyan Al-Qudah told the German news agency DPA that his ministry had condemned the Israeli occupation’s closure of the Al-Aqsa’s gates and their attacks on worshippers.

Al-Qudah demanded Israel “act in accordance with international law and immediately reopen the gates, respect the sanctity of the holy place, stop hampering the entry of worshippers, withdraw its security forces from Al-Aqsa Mosque and respect the feelings of Muslims.”

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He also slammed the measures as “a flagrant violation of the historical and legal status quo and Israel’s obligations under international law and international humanitarian law.”

The spokesman held Israel fully responsible for the safety of Al-Aqsa Mosque and stressed that his ministry is “following up on this dangerous development through various channels to ensure the reopening of the gates and the restoration of calm.”

Firas Al-Debs, media director at the Endowment Department in Jerusalem, said in a statement: “The Israeli police closed all the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He also said that the Israeli occupation had attacked Palestinian worshippers in the Muslim holy site. No reasons were given for the closure.