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Germany: Muslim Brotherhood 'peaceful movement'

The German government said the Muslim Brotherhood is a "peaceful movement" and the oldest political and social organisation which seeks to meet the people's needs in the countries where they exist.

This came in an explanation to an inquiry posted by members of the foreign and internal policy committees of the far-right Alternative for Germany party in parliament.

The German interior ministry explained that the Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to establish an ideal society based on the Quran and the Sunnah and the reason they are prosecuted and even liquidated by some Arab regimes is due to the lack of public freedoms and opposition parties there.

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The ministry added that some Arab regimes view the Muslim Brotherhood as competitors.

The German government said the German Islamic Group is the closest Muslim organisation to the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks through politics and dialogue to be a strategic partner of the German government.

The government confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful movement, that is far from violence especially in countries with authoritarian regimes such as Egypt and Syria.

According to the ministry the organisation has approximately 1,400 members in Germany.

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