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Gaid Salah: Army and people share same ambitions

March 12, 2019 at 5:56 am

Algeria’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Defence Minister, Ahmed Gaid Salah [Johnny Bivera/Wikipedia]

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence and Chief of Staff of the Algerian People’s National Army, has delivered a significant speech in the context of Algeria’s ongoing political crisis.

Gaid Salah, speaking at the National Preparatory School for Engineering Studies and in the company of senior officials, said,

“The army should consider the supreme interest of the country in terms of long term stability.”

Gaid Salah added: “Therefore, the People’s National Army will continue to consider the diligent, dedicated, and sincere work for the sake of God and the homeland … This necessarily requires a high sense of responsibility and a sense of duty towards the people and the homeland.”

He further explained that “Inspired by this wise and rational vision, our training system continues not only with purely abstract and technical training but also with great perseverance in paying attention to the sensitisation and awareness aspect. The goal is to graduate competent and skilled staff in all aspects of the military profession.”

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaid Salah added in his speech that “These are the features that the high command of the National People’s Army, descendant of the National Liberation Army, has required to create a strong anchor of the pillars of a professional army with all the meanings and connotations of professionalism.  In its performance and thinking, this professional army always moves by the rules of the laws of the Republic, and by the scope and nature of the tasks entrusted to it. This army should be equally professional in understanding and assimilating standards of permanent preservation of the confidence of its people.”

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He stressed that “what has been achieved so far in the scientific, cognitive and training fields is very important and gratifying. However, the aspirations of the National People’s Army, which are the aspirations of Algeria and its people, always urge it up to the level of great responsibilities entrusted to it. Assuming these responsibilities most appropriately and correctly requires the creation of capacities that ensure that”

In this context, the Lieutenant-General said that “One of the most important factors that contributed to the success of the educational process of our training system is its constant commitment to be an integral part of the national educational system and to be highly compatible with the values of its people and the constituents of its national character, and therefore a strong tributary of the promotion of the education sector in our country with its military dimension adapted to the specific nature of the military profession and its urgent requirement.”

He also noted that “the ease of integration of recruits in the educational and training process adopted by the National People’s Army is the best proof of the shared culture that links the professional military environment and the popular legacy from which our training system draws its human resources.”