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Details from ex-Israel PM’s phone leaked to Iran

March 19, 2019 at 12:51 pm

Israel Channel 2 said Iran has obtained information leaked from the mobile phone and computer of former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak.

According to the channel, the head of the Shin Bet security service, Nadav Argaman visited Barak in July last year and informed him that his phone and computer had been “compromised” and that information obtained from the devices had been sold to Iran.

The channel claimed the leaked information was not sensitive nor the result of Barak’s negligence.

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Both the Shin Bet and Barak refused to comment on the report. Barak served as the prime minister of Israel between 1999 and 2001.

Last week Israeli media reported that Iran hacked into Benny Gantz’s mobile phone. Gantz is running against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.

He has called on the attorney general to investigate the hacking.

“The phone does not contain what can be used to blackmail me,” he said.