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Egypt lawyer files complaint against ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]
Mohamed ElBaradei [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

An Egyptian lawyer yesterday filed a complaint to the country’s attorney general against former Vice-President Mohamed ElBaradei, accusing the latter of “bullying and inciting against the Egyptian state and its institutions from abroad.”

“Since his departure from Egypt, ElBaradei has been defaming the Egyptian state and its institutions, through his press conferences, which he holds in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as his official page where he deliberately spreads false accusations about the Egyptian government,” Tarek Mahmoud said in his complaint.

Mahmoud also accused ElBaradei of “allowing foreign intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs.”

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“ElBaradei calls for a coup against the state constitutional,” he noted, accusing him of “partnering with a terrorist group for the purpose of overthrowing the Egyptian state,” in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood which Egypt outlawed following the blood coup that ousted the group in 2013.

As a result, the pro-regime lawyer stressed, ElBaradei was “a threat to Egypt’s national security”.

ElBaradei served as vice-president for one month following the ousting of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

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