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Algeria’s Movement of Society for Peace proposes ‘6-month political transition’

March 27, 2019 at 9:24 am

Algeria’s Movement of Society for Peace has proposed an initiative to overcome the country’s current crisis through “a six-month transition period led by an interim president of a consensus government until a new election is held,” Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.

In a statement, the movement proposed to begin the implementation of its initiative after the official conclusion of the mandate of Algeria’s current President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s on 29 April.

“The transitional phase will be led by a politician who has not been embroiled in any corruption or electoral fraud cases before,” the Algerian opposition noted, adding that he would be chosen in consultation with the country’s different political parties as well as the Al-Hirak Al-Shaabi movement activists.

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The country’s largest Islamist party stressed its rejection of the suggestion that Bouteflika head an interim government “to avoid conflict situations”.

“Once he is appointed, the interim president will issue a set of legislative decrees to ensure the achievement of the necessary reforms ahead the new presidential election,” Society for Peace pointed out.

The movement’s statement also suggested appointing a “consensual individual” to lead the country’s national independent electoral commission and its operations.

The Islamic bloc concluded its statement by calling on Boutaflika and his aides “to step down and to hand over power.”

Since 22 February, Algeria has been witnessing massive popular rallies, which are considered the largest in the history of the country, as the Algerian people rejected the extension of Bouteflika and the prominent figures of his regime’s time in power.

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