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Tunisia stresses its determination to contribute to unifying Arab ranks during its presidency of Arab Summit

Arab leaders pose for a photo during the 29th Arab League Summit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Permanent Delegate of Tunisia to the Arab League, Ambassador Najib Al-Munif, stressed his country’s determination to use its full potential to contribute to the unification of the Arab peoples.

This came during Al-Munif’s speech on Wednesday after receiving, from his Saudi counterpart Osama Al-Naqli, (representative of the previous presidency of the Arab League summit) the presidency of the preparatory meeting of delegates and senior officials of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in preparation for the Council of the Arab League at the level of the summit scheduled on 31 March.

Al-Munif expressed his country’s hope that the Arab League Summit will contribute to new hopes that will respond to the aspirations of the Arab peoples and countries, in recognition of their legitimate right to provide the Arab citizen with a dignified life in security and stability.

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Al-Munif said that the Arab nation is facing, at this delicate stage, great challenges affecting the present and future generations of its people. He stressed Tunisia’s determination, during its presidency of the Arab Summit, to harness all its capabilities in cooperation with Arab brothers to continue serving Arab issues and contribute to unifying the Arab peoples.

The official explained that the items stated on the agenda of the delegates’ meeting include a number of key issues that aim at further strengthening and implementing the elements of cooperative Arab action, facing the serious challenges in the region, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause, supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle and steadfastness to establish their fully independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital, along with the situation in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, maintaining the Arab national security, combating terrorism, developing the Arab League, as well as addressing economic and social issues.


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