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Rouhani defends Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks to press members at the Mehrabad International Airport ahead of his departure to Iraq, in Tehran, Iran on 11 March 2019. [Iranian Presidency / Handout - Anadolu Agency]
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks to press members in Tehran, Iran on 11 March 2019 [Iranian Presidency/Anadolu Agency]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has defended the country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps following Washington’s designation of the unit as a “terrorist” organisation, Arabi21.com reported on Tuesday.

“The Revolutionary Guards are the most sacrificing of Iranians,” insisted Rouhani. “Global arrogance proved its hostility and hatred by accusing the Corps of being terrorists.”

The Iranian leader threatened to re-start the production of centrifuges should Washington continue to impose pressure on Tehran. He made his comments in a speech commemorating Iran’s nuclear energy programme.

“The Revolutionary Guards Corps eradicated the roots of terror and offered aid to regional states and supported the Iraq, Lebanese and Syria peoples in their victory against Daesh,” Rouhani pointed out. “America, meanwhile, stands at the top of the terrorist pile. It downed our civilian aircraft in 1988… You, the Americans, want to terrorise the Iranian people by crossing all red lines.”

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