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Pakistan hands Bin Salman humanitarian award

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman in Islamabad, Pakistan on 17 February 2019 [Bandar Algaloud/Anadolu Agency ]
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman in Islamabad, Pakistan on 17 February 2019 [Bandar Algaloud/Anadolu Agency ]

Mohamed Bin Salman has notched up two awards in his latest tour of Pakistan where the Crown Prince was honoured for championing key humanitarian issues during a trip in which Riyadh signed $20 billion investment deals with Islamabad.

Pakistan, which is in desperate need of foreign investment, conferred its highest civilian honour, Nishan-e-Pakistan (Order of Pakistan) to the Crown Prince, popularly known as MBS. Pakistan's President  Arif Alvi, handed the award during a formal ceremony on Monday, a day after securing a $20 billion investment deal with MBS.

The Nishan-e-Pakistan is said to be unlike other honours. The prestigious award is highly restricted and conferred to global figures for their merit and distinction in services to Pakistan, the international community, and foreign relations. In 1992 the late Nelson Mandela was granted the same award.

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A second award recognised MBS as the global influential figure of 2018. According Arab News this honour was granted to the Crown Prince for his efforts in supporting Islam and taking care of the Two Holy Mosques, in addition to championing key humanitarian issues including Palestine, Yemen, Syria and the protection of Muslim minorities. He was also recognised for his support of Pakistan and its peace process with neighbouring India.

President Alvi handed a certificate to Nawaf Bin Said Al-Malki, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Pakistan, while recognising the strong bilateral relations that are said to tie the two countries together.

Pakistan was the first stop in MBS's three-nation tour of the east. He is also scheduled to visit India and China next.

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