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Official: Iraq to give up US arms, diversify sources

An armoured Iraqi army convoy entering Ramadi
Iraqi soldiers [file photo]

The Chairman of the Iraqi Security and Defence Parliament Committee, Mohammad Reza, said the government intends to diversify its sources of armament instead of relying only on US weapons.

Reza said in a statement to state-run Al-Sabah newspaper yesterday, that there is a tendency to diversify the sources of weapons for the Iraqi army from Russia, China, Japan and South Korea, “so that armament is not exclusive to a particular state”.

Over the past years, Iraqi politicians have criticised the US’ delay in providing Iraqi troops with weapons and equipment, especially during their war against Daesh in between 2014 and 2017.

Reza added that “arming the Iraqi army at the present time tends to rely on the American side instead of Russia, although the latter is more suitable for the Iraqi soldier, in addition to the possibility of more convenient payment and allowing experts to mix with soldiers in order to learn quickly how to use weapons.”

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