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Political detentions cause political crises, says Brotherhood in Jordan

May 14, 2019 at 9:44 am

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan called on Monday for the government to release all political prisoners immediately and re-assess the political scene, Al-Sabeel has reported. The movement condemned the Jordanian government’s return to the policy of detaining political opponents who demand reform in the Kingdom.

According to the Brotherhood, the return to such detentions in the light of the ongoing political deadlock in Jordan complicates the situation and increases the crises, challenges and external pressure. The statement from the Islamic group was issued by an anonymous spokesperson, who claimed that the Kingdom is facing different external and internal challenges.

On the domestic front, the statement pointed out the lack of any meaningful political reform and the poor economic situation in the absence of effective anti-corruption plans. “What is surprising in this complicated and floundering political scene is the return of the security mentality regarding the treatment of those who demand reform,” said the Brotherhood. “This adds insult to injury.”

The movement noted that the ongoing political deadlock and the internal and external pressures on the country to implement policies intended to liquidate the Palestinian issue pose clear threats to Jordan. “In the face of all of these challenges, unity is essential to protect the country and maintain stability,” it insisted, “which contradicts the return of a security paradigm within politics.” It concluded by stressing that the government in Amman “must release political prisoners without delay, re-assess the situation realistically and put national interests over personal interests.”

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