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Yemeni Army: Houthis are sending large military back up to the south of Hudaydah

Yemeni soldiers [Al-Mashareq English/Facebook]
Yemeni soldiers [Al-Mashareq English/Facebook]

Early on Wednesday, the Yemeni army declared that the Houthi group sent large military back up to the strategic areas in southern Hudaydah located in the west.

The website of the Yemeni Army, “September Net,” reported Houthis sending large reinforcements, in addition to large numbers of military machines to both districts Hays and At-Tuhayta south of Hudaydah.

The website also pointed out that the Houthi group brought military reinforcements from Al-Jarrahi

District located in the same governorate as well as Ibb governorate (south-west).

The website mentioned that Houthi gunmen attacked different stations belonging to the national army in At-Tuhayta using artillery and machine guns, without providing any further details.

Comments by Houthis as regards to this issue have not been obtained yet.

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On Monday, the Houthi group announced the redeployment of its troops in the three ports of Hudaydah under UN supervision to be completed, three days after the operation started.

Last December, the Yemeni government and the Houthis reached an agreement in Sweden under the auspices of the United Nations.

The agreement provides for the withdrawal of Houthi forces from Hudaydah and its ports by 7 January to avoid a comprehensive attack on the port and a prelude to negotiations to end the war, which has lasted for five years in a row.

However, conflicts between the parties over the interpretation of the terms of the agreement led to the postponement of its implementation. Thus, Houthis have sustained control over some governorates including Hudaydah, since 2014.

The UN is trying to reach a peaceful solution to end the war, which has made most of Yemen’s population in need of humanitarian aid.

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