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Rights group: Saudi Arabia continues to arrest businessmen for employing Palestinians

Osama Filali, a businessman who employs Palestinians is jailed by Saudi authorities
Saudi authorities detain Osama Filali, a businessman who employs Palestinians

The Prisoners of Conscience Twitter account, which reports on political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, has revealed that the Saudi authorities continue to detain businessmen who employ Palestinians.

The group said yesterday that the Saudi authorities continue to detain Osama and Hisham Filali, Mohamed Bin Mahfouth, Warees Bin Mahfouth and Saleh Abu Ghosh.

Over the past few months, the Saudi authorities launched a campaign of arrests targeting members of the Palestinian community in the kingdom and took unprecedented steps against them.

In an earlier report published on 17 April, the Khaleej Online news site revealed that the Saudi security forces have launched the largest and most dangerous campaign of arrests, threats and prosecution against Palestinians residing in the kingdom. The Palestinian embassy in Riyadh has done nothing to stand against this.

Saudi Arabia has arrested thousands of activists, intellectuals, clerics, journalists and businessmen over the past two years in an attempt to eliminate any possible opposition to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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