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Did they really kill him?

Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi, wearing an orange uniform while in prison [Anadolu Agency/Facebook]
Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi, wearing an orange uniform while in prison [Anadolu Agency/Facebook]

It has often been said that President Mohamed Morsi did not die a natural death, as many insisted that he was killed. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned the way Morsi died, and said that he would raise the issue during the G20 summit. The German Foreign Ministry and several human rights organisations have called for a neutral international investigation into the real cause of the former Egyptian President’s death, proving that he did not die as a result of medical negligence, as many say, although Morsi was actually neglected deliberately.

But what prompted them to doubt the circumstances of his death?

There are many uncertainties and facts that may raise doubts:

First, the date of that trial session was not mentioned on the court’s agenda in order to consider that invalid case on that specific day, but it was hastily scheduled, even though the Ministry of Interior had written to the Ministry of Justice a few days before demanding trials to be adjourned until the end of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, organised by Egypt, due to the Ministry’s inability to ensure the prisoners’ transportation while safeguarding football games. Not to mention the significant security efforts needed to secure a political personality as prominent as President Mohamed Morsi.

Second, there was an unusual presence of police forces in the streets of Cairo that day.

Third, because President Morsi had previously indicated that they intended to end his life, as the prison authorities denied him diabetes’ medication, taking into consideration that having irregular doses of the medicine can lead someone to slip into a coma and die if he does not receive immediate medical attention.

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Fourth, when Morsi fell unconscious on the cage floor, it took the doctor an hour to come, and ironically he was an ophthalmologist.

Fifth, the speed and method of announcing Morsi’s death by official Egyptian media, indicating that he died as a result of a heart attack. However, President Morsi has never suffered from heart disease.

Finally, Morsi’s death came three days before the opening of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, which cannot be a coincidence as it was intended to distract Egyptians, who will be preoccupied with the games and quickly forget the news of the former President’s death.

All these facts raise suspicions, especially as some say that there are types of toxins which can slowly shut down organs and determine the exact hour of the body’s total collapse. That is why they rushed to schedule that court session as they wanted him to die in public and not in his cell, in order to avoid being accused of murdering him.

They played tricks but Allah countered their wrong doings. They wanted to humiliate him, but Allah lifted him up and honoured him while he faced death. He died standing as tall as a tree.

We will not lament him, as lamentation is for the dead. However, we are mourning ourselves as, although we are physically alive, we are the ones who have been taken by death. Dr. Mohamed Morsi is not dead, though his body is lifeless. His spirit remained hovering over all his beloved ones who reached hundreds of millions. Millions of people worldwide have prayed the absentee funeral prayer for his soul.

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Morsi has been mourned by millions on social media. The news of his sudden death inside the courtroom cage has been the main headline in all international newspapers and magazines. Morsi’s death has been the most important news reported by all international news agencies as well as audio and visual media outlets, except for Egyptian media, on which the former President’s death was mentioned in a six line article in the accident section.

Egyptian media did not mention the political rank of the man who fell in court or even the academic title he obtained from the world’s most highly esteemed universities, in the United States, while only inserting the word “deceased” before Mohamed Morsi.

Apart from the state of chronic press unprofessionalism that plagued the Egyptian press and media outlets in general after the coup, the incident has shown how this brutal regime has reached a despicable all-time low. Al-Sisi’s regime is afraid of a dead man as much as it used to be frightened of him when he was still alive, after capturing him behind the prison walls and isolating him from people in a sound proof glass cage. He was kept there during court sessions so the court attendees would not hear his voice and the truth would remain hidden.

They were afraid that his corpse would reveal the truth, so they prevented his body from resting in a grave in his small hometown, denied him public funeral and banned people from performing a funeral prayer for his soul. Nonetheless, they ordered a quick burial in the darkness of the night. However, Allah’s mercy inspired millions all over the world to pray for Morsi.

An aerial view of people gathered to perform the funeral prayer in absentia for former President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on June 18, 2019. [Muhammed Enes Yıldırım - Anadolu Agency]

An aerial view of people gathered to perform the funeral prayer in absentia for former President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on 18 June 2019 [Muhammed Enes Yıldırım/Anadolu Agency]

The regime was afraid of President Mohamed Morsi because he represents a symbol of bravery and the struggle for freedom, dignity and justice. He lived as a hero defending noble human values ​​and died as a hero for the preservation of these values. He did not want to compromise on his principles or waive the values ​​he fought for throughout his life. He did not betray nor did he change, preferring to be in jail rather than accepting injustice. In his last speech before the military coup he said:

“I would not give up [my] legitimacy even if it cost me my life. Let our people know that their fathers and ancestors were men who did not accept oppression, had never stepped down before corrupt people, nor had they sacrificed their homeland, their legitimacy or their religion for the sake of life.”

Morsi was a man at a time when real men have been lacking in our miserable nation. He paid with his life for his steadfastness and his adherence to his legitimacy in the face of the military coup. He could have accepted the coup and the offer of his safe exit, residence in any country in the world and non-exposure to threats along with his family, but he held on to his legitimacy, did not break his oath, fulfilled what he had pledged before the 13 million citizens who voted for him in the elections and had become entrusted to him, did not betray these voters and paid with his life for this pledge.

With his legitimacy, he wanted to prepare for a new political establishment that would bring Egypt out of the military rule under which the country has been subject to for more than 60 years. He wanted to be joined by the civilised nations. He was the choice of more than 13 million citizens who elected him as President to follow this civilised approach with him. These and the other millions of oppressed and vulnerable people in the land, who aspire to obtain freedom, dignity and justice in their countries, will turn his death into a story of compassion that will be inherited by generations. He is the symbol that represents their hopes and the path they follow. He is the enthusiasm that will be ignited in them, and the light of hope that will lighten their way towards freedom and revolution.

Can his moral or physical assassins erase him from the records of history, as they wanted to do through their media outlets? No, I swear to God they will never be able to do so even if they have thousands of TV channels and newspapers, and no matter how they try to defame the man they will not be able to defeat him. He has entered history from its broadest doors with his heroic steadfastness in front of their military machines and their aggression and tyranny. History will immortalise him and will never erase his memory. It will write in bright letters that President Mohamed Morsi had been the first elected civilian president in free and fair elections that the whole world witnessed in the history of Egypt over 7,000 years and the Arab region as a whole.

History will also testify that he was the noblest President in Egypt. He is the President who did not receive his salary throughout the year during which he ruled the country and lived in a rented house. He lived in it before his election and did not move to live in any of the presidential palaces that were proposed to him. He and his family did not earn any profit from his position, unlike the ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his family, who looted billions of dollars from the state treasury, transferred them to foreign banks and bought mansions and villas in Europe and the US.

The regime brought by the coup d’état was tired trying to convict President Mohamed Morsi of embezzlement or find any documents to prove him guilty. They wanted to put his financial liability into question, ruin his reputation and prosecute him. The only thing they ended up discovering is that all he wanted was for Egypt’s economy to become independent and break free of dependency and humiliation. He wanted Egypt to be the producer of its own food, medicine and weapons. He was supportive of the Syrian revolution:

“Syria, we are at your service” and was an advocate of the Palestinian issue too. “We won’t give up on Gaza, Israel should know that Egypt has changed after the 25 January revolution.” This statement shook the ground under Israel’s feet during their invasion of Gaza in late 2012 and forced Netanyahu to end the war after a week and seek a deal with Hamas under Egyptian auspices.

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These are the real charges that brought Morsi to trial. They unjustly accused him of political, groundless and false charges. He was accused of “communicating with Hamas,” rather than Israel. He was honoured by these accusations and proud. We are currently witnessing the ethical standards in reverse and labelling communication with blood, religion and Arab brothers as a charge and treason, whereas selling one’s soul to Israel is the epitome of dedication and the new patriotism.

History will bear witness that the countries of the West, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have all participated in the coup, the unprecedented global coup taking place under the auspices of those countries. Saudi Arabia and the UAE spent hundreds of billions of dollars fearing the success of the Brotherhood and Egypt regaining its status as a locomotive for Arab countries. Hence, Saudi Arabia will end up losing the position it occupied when Egypt retreated and abandoned it in favour of Saudi Arabia. However, KSA tampered with Arab countries and sabotaged them. These two regimes were also afraid the winds of change would reach their countries, costing them their thrones. Israel also feared an opponent regime in Egypt. Therefore, everyone conspired against the 25 January revolution and ousted the first elected President because of the coup.

By quirk of fate, he died on the same day he won the Presidential elections. God chose him to die in dignity and pride in the courtroom, where he was being tried for false charges and trumped-up cases to deprive him of his dignity and prestige. The Almighty God cherished, protected and saved him further oppression and humiliations he was subject to daily, in addition to the execution he was going to be sentenced to for following their schemes, which falsely accused him of communication and treachery. God took his soul easily while in court, for he did not want the oppressors to sentence him and denied them the opportunity to take revenge. Hence, the divine judgment adjourned the trial so adversaries would meet God in a divine court where no one is wronged.

God honoured him alive and he was brought to the heavens to become the Martyred President, and so he has been called by millions of freemen in our wounded nation.

“Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah.”

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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