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Islamic Jihad: PA’s absence snubs Bahrain conference, its organisers

A member of the political bureau of Islamic Jihad, Nafeth Azzam
A member of the political bureau of Islamic Jihad, Nafeth Azzam [File photo]

Member of Islamic Jihad’s Political Bureau Nafeth Azzam said on Tuesday that the absence of Palestinian Authority (PA) was a slap in the face to the Bahrain Conference and its organisers, Quds Net News reported.

Speaking to local Palestinian radio, Azzam described Bahrain Conference as “shameful” and said it is “too much worse” than Oslo because most of the supporters of the latter were foreigners, but most of the former are “unfortunately” Arabs.

He added: “There was a quarter of a century between the two events. This time included many failures, priority changes, culture, identity and mentality changes. This deal will bring more disastrous consequences on the region and the nations of the Uma.”

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Meanwhile, he stressed that the absence of the PA is considered a slap for the conference and its organisers, as well as for the organisers of the conspiracy known as the deal of the century.

Azzam called for a real Palestinian unity to make the Palestinians able to face the deal of the century which was planned to waste the Palestinian rights.

He recalled the slogans made for the public prior to reaching Oslo agreement, including slogans that claimed to turn Gaza to Singapore and bring billions of US dollars in investment.

“All of this evaporated,” he said, referring to the pledges to be made in Bahrain conference as baseless pledges and they were announced just to mobilise support.

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