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Online petition calls for release of Saudi Salman Al-Ouda

June 26, 2019 at 2:58 am

The son of imprisoned Saudi sheikh, Salman Al-Ouda, has launched an online petition demanding for his father’s release. Abdullah Alodah, who lives in the United States, launched the petition calling for the release of his father and other sheikhs who were sentenced to death on the platform, 

In the petition, which is directed to the US Department of State and Congress, the younger Al-Ouda wrote: “In September 2017, my father Salman Alodah, a prominent moderate Saudi scholar was arrested shortly after tweeting a prayer for reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and its Gulf neighbour Qatar, three months after Riyadh launched a blockade on the emirate.

“Al-Ouda remains imprisoned in solitary confinement in breach of international laws. Holding detainees for too long in solitary confinement is in itself slow-motion execution.”

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Regarding the death sentence, he wrote: “The Saudi Attorney General is seeking the death penalty for him on bogus charges and in a secret trial.”

He said that his father was sent to a secret court hearing. “During the court hearing, the special prosecutor swiftly accused him with 37 charges, such as swaying public opinion and not praying enough for the ruler. Hence, he sought his execution.”

Abdullah also noted to the detention of his uncle. “My uncle Dr Khaled Al-Ouda is imprisoned for breaking the news of my father’s detention. Dr Khaled also developed a heart problem due to deprivation of his medications.”

Abdullah, who is a US citizen, also said that “17 family members are banned from travelling. Moreover … I cannot do any paperwork with the Saudi embassy in Washington.”

He also mentioned the detention and death penalty for other sheikhs Awad al-Qarni and Ali al-Tarifi.