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Human rights centre calls for rescue of Syrian refugees in Saudi Arabia

Flag of Saudi Arabia [File photo]
Flag of Saudi Arabia [File photo]

The Paris Francophone Institute for Freedom has called for immediate international action to rescue dozens of Syrian families fleeing from Yemen to Jazan, in southwest Saudi Arabia.

According to the statement, Wednesday, about 90 Syrian families who had been hosted by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, were expelled this week. This was in preparation for their deportation to a desert region located between the two Saudi cities of Makkah and Jeddah.

The Paris Institute has reported testimonies of Syrian deportees stating that they were physically assaulted and intimidated by the Saudi security authorities during their expulsion and deportation.

Two Syrian refugees told the Paris Institute, on condition of anonymity, that after six months in Jazan, the Saudi authorities cut off all services and meals. They also imposed restrictions on freedom of movement and intentional cutting off electricity.

The two refugees said that the Saudi authorities had given the Syrian refugees visitor IDs that are renewed every six months for 100 Saudi riyals ($ 27). Without renewing these IDs, they cannot obtain any essential services, including education and medical treatment. This is despite a previous Saudi government resolution to provide them with free medical treatment and basic education.

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