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UAE sends peace delegation to Iran

July 26, 2019 at 3:45 am

Image of Iranian Defence Minister, Hossein Dehghan [Islamic Invitation Turkey/Facebook]

The Iranian supreme leader’s advisor for defence affairs, Hossein Dehghan, yesterday announced that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had sent a number of delegates to Tehran for peace talks, in the wake of the ongoing tensions in the Gulf region.

“The UAE has become a US base for striking Iran’s national security,” Dehghan told Al-Jazeera, pointing out that Abu Dhabi had sent official envoys to Tehran to discuss peace in the region.

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Dehqan noted that the UAE move was denoting what he described as “Abu Dhabi failure.”

Politicians say that the UAE move toward Iran was the second to blow its alliance, Saudi Arabia, in less than two months. On Sunday, Abu Dhabi said it would withdraw its troops from Yemen after years of fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition against the Iran-backed Houthi group.