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41 Sudanese intelligence agents accused of murder

Sudanese teacher Ahmed Al-Kheir died in detention in February 2019
Sudanese teacher Ahmed Al-Kheir died in detention in February 2019

Sudan's Public Prosecutors accused 41 intelligence agents of murder and other crimes on Tuesday, Anadolu has reported. The charges relate to the death of teacher Ahmed Al-Kheir in February.

The General Intelligence Agency officers are accused of "murder, incitement, criminal participation and facilitating committing a crime" in relation of the death of Al-Kheir in Kasla Governorate in the east of Sudan. Former Justice Minister Mohammed Ahmed Salem tasked the Public Prosecution Service with preparing a detailed report about Al-Kheir's death immediately after it was discovered.

According to reports at the time, the Director of Police in Kasla, Yassin Mohammed Al-Hassan, said that the teacher died while being investigated. He added that Al-Kheir was one of a group of people detained, but did not disclose the reason for their detention.

Opposition groups claimed that three people were killed within official detention centres earlier this year, including Ahmed Al-Kheir. All, they said, were "tortured to death".

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