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Buthaina Shaaban: War against Iran will not break out

Syrian political and media adviser Buthaina Shaaban

Syrian political and media adviser Buthaina Shaaban commented on what is happening in the Gulf region between the United States, the UK, and Iran.

During an open dialogue held at a cultural centre in Tartus, Shaaban ruled out that there would be a war because it will cost an unaffordable price.

“What is happening in the Gulf Region is a useless game, and the differences between them will be resolved without war, especially as it has been proven that the US will not be able to enter Iran through the inside,” Shaaban said.

The Syrian presidential adviser explained that “despite all the attempts of the enemies and their support for the terrorists and despite the betrayal of some of its people and their dependence on the outside, Damascus has managed to suppress terrorism from most of its lands and transform the geostrategic scene.”

Shaaban stressed that the strategic alliance with Russia is an unbreakable strong historic alliance, no matter how much they try to distort it, and so with Iran, which has a historical relationship with us since the victory of the Iranian revolution. It is a strategic relationship that will not be affected by the words of those who attack Iran in favour of Zionism and Israel.

“The constitutional committee has not been formed during the last three years because we are committed to our national principles, our free and independent decision and dignified living. We will not allow anyone to intervene in the constitution of our country. Only Syrians would have the final and decisive word and not the hostile countries and those traitors working for them,” said Shaaban during the dialogue.

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“Rest assured, things are in good hands, and President Bashar Al-Assad considers the homeland and its pride more precious than his sons. He is leading the military and political battles with unmatched wisdom, cleverness, courage, eagerness and steadfastness, relying on a patriotic and brave army, a steadfast people and honest strategic allies,” added Shaaban, addressing the audience.

Shaaban explained that despite all the attempts of the enemies and their support for the terrorists and despite the betrayal of some of its people and their dependence on the outside, Syria has managed to suppress terrorism in most of its lands.

“The world is going through a difficult crisis, but it will be shaped by the Syrian steadfastness, which will be the focus of study in international studies centres to know the secret of this steadfastness in the face of terrorism and its supporting countries, and the secret of Syria’s ability to create history in the face of a war that has been imposed on it to destroy its civilization and its identity.”

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Shaaban explained that the Kurds are a fundamental component of the Syrian people, and all have citizenship rights. She stressed that most Kurds defend the homeland in the army like any other citizen. She went on to say that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is cooperating with the US and Western coalition forces, represent a small part of the Kurds and Arabs who sold themselves to the devil. Therefore, the real issue lies in whether the person is patriotic or non-patriotic, and not Kurdish or non-Kurdish, as the West is trying to depict.

The political and media adviser to the Presidency stressed that internal immunisation is the basis in any country. In response to one of the questions, Shaaban emphasised the need to study the internal and external factors that led to the crisis. This would be to know from where the enemies infiltrated inside, benefit from lessons and find radical solutions to the problems which, once left unresolved, may contribute to subsequent crises.

In response to another question, Shaaban said that the region would only be safe under the Syrian state, which will be reunified with its land.

“The Golan is as precious as any other Syrian land, and we will restore it. Lebanon is a neighbouring country that we love, but it is under strong pressure preventing it from developing its relations with Syria. President Michel Aoun is a close friend, and we are working with him toward a common goal. As for the Arab League, it is not appropriate for Syria to return to it, with its current state. Syria would rather come back to a league that embraces the Arab rights with an independent Arab decision rather than being manipulated by the West,” Shaaban added.

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