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Shaath family appealed to Egyptian President to release their son

Egyptian-Palestinian politician Ramy Shaath [Facebook]
Egyptian-Palestinian politician Rami Shaath, 22 August 2019 [Facebook]

The family of Dr Nabil Shaath, former Palestinian chief negotiator, has appealed to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for the release their son, Rami Nabil Shaath, who is detained on terrorism charges.

The text of the appeal came as follows:

We, the Shaath family at home and in Diaspora, appeal to our beloved brotherly country Egypt, the land of Kenanah, as well as the Egyptian president, government and people, who fight for their rights and those of the Arab nation, especially the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state, return, and determine their fate. We have high confidence in His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and the beloved Egyptian people and his government, who have been always in the service of the cause of our Palestinian people and the Arab nation throughout the contemporary Arab history; and the great sacrifices, witnessed by the far and near, recorded by the heroes of the Egyptian army and armed forces for the Palestinian people and the realization of their rights to return, have an autonomous state and determine their fate.

We, the Shaath family, are still enjoying the resources and security granted to us by our beloved Egypt even when we are on the land of Palestine. We have an intense emotional and spiritual bond with Egypt, the Egyptian people, government and presidency. Whenever Egypt is affected by hardship, we also feel the suffering of our brotherly neighbours sincerely due to our love and a profound sense of belonging to its land, farmers, workers, and all the components of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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We appeal to our Egyptian people, our strategic depth in the coming victory, in God's will, trusting dearly your honourable, just and merciful nature, which has been always in support of the oppressed, crying in your name to know what happened to Rami Nabil Shaath son of Dr. Nabil Shaath, adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian state, who relentlessly works for the sake of Egypt, the just cause of Palestine, and against all that would harm the Egyptian national security.

We believe in you and your sense of justice, which is the marker of every victory for the causes of the nation and its oppressed peoples, to do justice to our son, who suffers from severe fatigue inside the prison, following his arrest while defending the cause of his people, through the safe gate of Egypt, which has always been an incubator to the Palestinian alongside the Egyptian people, government and presidency. We have been proud and still, are, that Egypt is the lung of Palestinian people, with all its spectrums and affiliations throughout history, allowing Palestinians to breathe.

We appeal to your conscience and the vastness of your heart, safe and confident that you will be the servants of truth, justice and mercy in the urgent release of our son, who is still languishing behind the prison walls and in agonising pain. We are greatly confident that you will be the warm heart which will grant our son freedom and let him return to his family and beloved ones, especially that his father, Dr Nabil Shaath, has no one left but his son to support him in this life.

Accept our love, affection and appreciation to beloved Egypt, its people, government and president.

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