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US Senator: Deep state prevents designation of Muslim Brotherhood

Republic Senator Ted Cruz [File photo]
Republican Senator Ted Cruz [File photo]

US Senator Ted Cruz claimed last week that there are obstacles preventing the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, its conduct, its charter, its operation, it is explicitly a terrorist organisation. They don’t hide it,” Cruz, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declared while he was speaking at Hudson Institute.

He added “a number of our allies, including Egypt, designate the Muslin Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation because they have seen firsthand the consequences.

“They are a terrorist organisation that has demonstrated a willingness to murder anyone who does not accord with their jihadist world vision. I think we should absolutely designate it.”

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Cruz claimed that the Muslin Brotherhood has killed more Muslims, than Christians and Jews.

He expressed that it was officials in the American government, especially in the US State Department and the Treasury Department, that are refusing to designate MB as a terrorist organisation.

“Those people are clearly against designating MB as a terrorist organisation, they represent powers in the deep state,” Cruz disclosed.

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