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Iran: Firing Bolton recognition of the failure of US policies

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton on 27 February 2015 [Gage Skidmore/Flickr]
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton on 27 February 2015 [Gage Skidmore/Flickr]

US President Donald Trump's sacking of his National Security Advisor John Bolton is recognition of his failures, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said yesterday.

According to Quds Press, the official Iranian News Agency (IRNA) reported Vaezi saying: "The firing of Bolton after a short period shows that even the hawkish US government has come to the conclusion that the age of warmongering and intimidation is over."

Trump announced on Tuesday in a tweet that he had sacked Bolton, citing strong disagreements over policy.

Bloomberg said that the move followed growing speculation that Trump and Rouhani might hold talks this month at the UN General Assembly in New York, stating it would be an historic meeting that would mark a significant lowering of tensions between the two nations.

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Vaezi described Bolton as an enemy of diplomacy and a proponent of war, while the international community showed Washington that it hated war and was interested in diplomacy.

"Now," he wrote on Instagram, "Bolton who used to threaten the international community with war and promised the collapse of Iran in a matter of months is in isolation and overseeing his failed policies."

The Iranian official also said that Bolton's dismissal was welcomed by other countries in addition to the US itself. He stated that even oil prices decreased after he was removed from office.

Bolton's expulsion, Vaezi said, showed that the era of aggressive, radical, maximum pressure and interventionist policies has come to an end.

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