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Mohamed Ali reveals Egypt's attempt to assassinate him in Spain

Film producer and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali Abdel Khaleq.
Film producer and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali Abdel Khaleq [File photo]

Egyptian actor and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali revealed attempts to assassinate him in Spain after inciting him in participating in demonstrations against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in Egypt.

In a new video, Mohamed Ali said that Egyptian officers agreed with people in Spain to assassinate him, holding the Spanish government fully responsible for his life and stressing that he is trying to escape.

He stressed that he has been trying to escape for about two weeks. However, Egyptian security has reached his recent location, and he cannot escape again. “If I die, my blood and the blood of the martyrs will remain the responsibility of the Egyptian people because we sacrificed for you a lot,” added Ali.

Mohamed Ali has reiterated his call to the Egyptian people to demonstrate in the squares of Cairo and the various governorates next Friday to demand the departure of the coup president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

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He sharply attacked the Minister of Interior for the way with which the security forces have been dealing with the demonstrators in Suez Governorate, saying: “You are absolutely a disrespectful person. Why do you carry out these practices against the people of Suez? Or are these practices part of the instructions you have received? The people will mercilessly get revenge from you if you do not deal properly with the demonstrators.”

In another video, Mohamed Ali stressed: “The Egyptians have broken the barrier of fear, and they will not be afraid anymore. The matter is settled. Anyone who assaults any citizen will be held accountable, and those who will kill people will be executed. Are you doing this to protect Al-Sisi?”

Mohamed Ali said that the revolutionary events will start next Thursday for those interested, whether inside or outside Tahrir Square. He said that he intended to call for a sit-in from Wednesday to Friday and call all school and university students not to attend classes from Tuesday. This would coincide with Al-Sisi’s speech in the United Nations.

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