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Iraq minister: In talks to see Kurds hand over oil revenue to Baghdad

Iraqi Minister of Oil Thamir Ghadhban said yesterday that talks were good and positive with the delegation from the Kurdistan region on oil exports as well as other issues.

On Saturday, a delegation from the Kurdistan region met with officials from the Iraqi Federal Government in Baghdad and discussed a number of issues, mainly oil exports and the region's share of the federal budget.

Ghadhban said the talks focused on two main issues; channelling the revenue of oil sales to the central government's coffers, and "the financial aspect, including salaries of the region's employees and other financial benefits".

The oil minister added that another delegation from the region will visit Baghdad today to conclude the main issues.

Baghdad and Erbil have had differences over how to manage Kurdistan's oil wealth for many years.

The region currently produces about 450,000 barrels per day.

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