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Wages of Jewish workers in Israel 35% higher than Arab counterparts

December 11, 2019 at 11:23 am

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Recent data has revealed a significant pay gap between the salaries of Jewish and Arab workers in Israel, reported on Tuesday.

The data, which was disclosed on Monday, showed that the average monthly income of a Jewish worker was NIS 11,191 in 2017, compared with NIS 7,338 for the monthly income of an Arab worker.

Meanwhile, the hourly wage for Jewish workers was NIS 65.6, compared to NIS 41.7 for Arab workers.

The data also found that the average monthly income of female Jewish workers was NIS 8,923, compared to NIS 5,722 for the female Arab counterpart.

Meanwhile, the data revealed that the number of male workers in Israel was 51.6 per cent, compared to 48.4 per cent for female workers.

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