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Deputy leader of Muslim Brotherhood declares support for Egyptian Accord

December 30, 2019 at 3:08 am

Ibrahim Munir, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, announced his approval and support, on a personal level, for the Egyptian Accord document presented by the artist and contractor Mohamed Ali on Friday, which he said he had developed with various opposition forces.

“The formula that the document came up with is suitable for all national parties, and it represents the initial vision around which we hope all the Egyptian national parties revolve, regardless of their sects,” Munir told Arabi21. He went on, “the terms of the document are acceptable and largely reflect the demands and goals of the national powers.”

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Munir predicted: “there will be a wide response from the various Egyptian national parties. Most of which participated in one way or another in the formulation of that document that will have a subsequent document and that will represent an important and distinctive point in the desired national alignment path.”

“This document is the nucleus of a comprehensive national project that will be prepared and approved. Therefore, this document will augur well for Egypt and all Egyptians. It can be a foundation stone, especially as it sends a message of reassurance to all those inside and outside the country that there is a clear and defined national vision for the future of Egypt and the post- Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi phase,” added Munir.