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Jordan’s king: Dialogue with Israel ‘paused’ for 2 years

Jordanian King Abdullah II has said that dialogue with Israel had been 'on pause' for two years

January 14, 2020 at 12:31 pm

In an interview with France24 broadcast yesterday, Jordanian King Abdullah II has said that dialogue with Israel had been “on pause” for two years.

The king said the reason for the lack of dialogue is the absence of an Israeli government, stressing that “there has been no bilateral communications or movement”, in reference to Israel’s political parties’ inability to agree to a coalition government following two elections last year.

He stressed that the ties between Jordan and Israel are very important but stressed that Israel’s violations cause many problems for these ties.

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He noted that the unilateral movement towards the annexation of the occupied Jordan Valley “creates a lot of doubt in many of us on where certain Israeli politicians are going,” stressing that it could have a negative impact on the two countries.

The monarch said that he is waiting for an Israeli government to be formed in order to assess how to move forward. Israel is due to hold its third election in March.

At the same time, he stressed that Jordan “is strategically committed to the peace between Jordan and Israel,” pointing out this “is a major element of stability in the region.”

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He also said that the kingdom is waiting for the US’ project for peace between Palestine and Israel, dubbed the “deal of the century”. “We are waiting for the plan to be unveiled by the [US President Donald Trump’s] team.”

The deal “has been a grey area for all of us, because unless we know what the plan is”, it is difficult to know what role Jordan and the regional countries can play.