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Tunisian parliament condemns 'Deal of the Century', considers it 'non-binding'

February 5, 2020 at 4:07 am

Tunisian parliament on 11 January 2020 [Yassine Gaidi/Anadolu Agency]

On Tuesday, the Tunisian parliament unanimously condemned the alleged “Deal of the Century” announced by US President Donald Trump last Tuesday.

The eight parliamentary blocs and the eleven independent MPs considered, in a plenary session devoted to discussing a stand regarding the “Deal of the Century”, that it is “not binding on anyone except the parties that have announced it.”

Speaker of Parliament Rached Ghannouchi said during the session that “US President Donald Trump announced his deal, which he called the Deal of the Century, and it is in fact a deal of those who do not have with those who do not deserve.”

He considered it “a plan that imposes the sovereignty of the Israeli occupation over all of Jerusalem and considers it the capital of the occupying Zionist entity, with the impossibility of establishing a Palestinian state that is geographically interconnected and sovereign.”

Ghannouchi condemned, “in the name of parliament, the racist Deal of the Century, which violates international law.”

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In turn, the head of Ennahda bloc (54 seats), Noureddine Bhiri, considered that “the project of the scandal of the century represents a crime of genocide and a crime against humanity, and contradicts all international values, principles and covenants.”

As for the member of the Dignity Coalition (19 seats), Abdellatif Aloui, he described the deal as “the great folly committed by the American-Zionist fool (referring to Trump).”

In turn, Head of Heart of Tunisia bloc (38 seats), Hatem Mliki, said that “the so-called Deal of the Century is a non-binding initiative for any party, except for its owners Trump and (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, and it is one of the successive initiatives to seize the legal right of the Palestinians.”

Meanwhile, the representative of the Democratic Bloc (41 seats), Sālim Labyaḍ, called on the parliamentary blocs “to enact a law to criminalize normalization with the Zionist entity.”

Mabrouk Korchid, an MP of Tahya Tounes bloc (14 seats), said that “all expressions of denunciation and condemnation are not enough to condemn the crime of the Deal of the Century.”

As for MP of the Future Tunisia bloc (8 seats), Issam Bargougui, he said that “all members of the bloc condemn in the strongest terms the American-Zionist plan called the Deal of the Century.”

Last Tuesday, Trump announced at a press conference in Washington the outlines of the alleged Deal of the Century, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose term is over, while the Palestinian Authority and resistance factions rejected it.

The plan includes the establishment of a Palestinian state with no sovereignty and arms in the form of an “archipelago” connected by bridges and tunnels with no airport or seaport while making occupied Jerusalem the alleged unified capital of Israel.