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Ex-Lebanon minister hails Abbas’ stance regarding ‘deal of the century’

Former Lebanese Minister Karim Pakradouni
Former Lebanese Minister Karim Pakradouni, 26 June 2013 [Twitter]

Former Lebanese Minister Karim Pakradouni described the stance of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas regarding the US’ “deal of the century” as “the strongest and quickest” response, Al Watan Voice reported yesterday.

“Abbas issued the quickest and strongest response to Donald Trump’s announcement about the deal,” the Lebanese minister said, noting that he represented the real leader and stateman when he delivered a speech slamming the deal.

The former Lebanese minister also said that Abbas’ remarks against the deal, in addition to the Arabic and Islamic support, were the main reasons to bring all the Palestinian factions together against it.

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Speaking to Palestine TV, Pakradouni said: “President Abbas persists on the national principles and insists on the achievement of the national aspiration.”

Pakradouni considered the “deal of the century” a “Zionist report raised by Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu and both of them announced it without consulting any of the world’s countries.”

He said that the deal “will fail” and the two men “will lose”.

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