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Mesh’al calls on Abbas to take action against ‘deal of century’

February 6, 2020 at 11:40 am

Former Hamas Chief Khaled Meshaal yesterday called on Palestinian Authority (PA), PLO and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas to turn his remarks to actions regarding the “deal of the century”, Al-Quds reported.

In an exclusive interview, Meshaal called for Abbas to end security cooperation with the occupation and release Palestinian prisoners from the PA’s prisons.

Meshaal stressed that the deal of the century undermines the Palestinians’ rights and principles and liquidates the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian dream of a state with Jerusalem as its capital.

“What state without Jerusalem, right of return, sovereignty and this number of prisoners inside Israeli jails?” Meshaal asked.

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He urged Abbas to seize the opportunity to adopt a “joint strategy” by ending the division, uniting Palestinians and the announcement of a real reconciliation leading to the rearrangement of all national institutions, mainly the PLO.

Regarding the situation in Gaza, Meshaal said that his movement does not seek to reach a long-term truce. “If Hamas wanted this, it would have achieved this a long time ago,” he said.

The movement, he added, seeks to end the Israeli siege on Gaza and enable Palestinians in the coastal Strip to live like any other humans whilst also protecting Palestinian principles.