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Prime Minister designate fails to get support of Tunisia's largest party

Tunisian parliament on 11 January 2020 [Yassine Gaidi/Anadolu Agency]
Tunisian parliament on 11 January 2020 [Yassine Gaidi/Anadolu Agency]

The Prime Minister designate of Tunisia failed on Tuesday to get approval for his government from the largest party in the country, Arabi21.com has reported.

Elias Fakhfakh met separately with the head of Ennahda Party, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannouchi, and Nabil al Qarawi, the head of Heart of Tunisia to discuss his planned government.

Al-Qarawi also met with Al-Ghannouchi, who is the Speaker of the Tunisian parliament, and reported that the position of Ennahda "is very clear", as is his own party's.

"We want a national unity government that includes as many of the parties as possible in order to be able to pass laws," said the Heart of Tunisia leader. "The government needs 160 votes to be approved. He [Fakhfakh] has to be responsible."

"While there are parties calling for openness — and the foremost of these is Ennahda — Fakhfakh has another opinion," explained Al-Qarawi. "He is free about his own vision." He added that the parties want a government that resists poverty, not just corruption. "Fighting corruption is the role of the judiciary, not the political parties."

In conclusion, Al-Qarawi reiterated that Fakhfakh did not propose any positions, ministries or nominations during his meeting with him.

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