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Jordan court: Muslim Brotherhood was 'dissolved in 1956'

The General Authority of the Court of Cassation in Jordan said that the Muslim Brotherhood was dissolved in the country on 15 June 1956, Al Watan Voice reported yesterday.

On 10 February, the court threw out an appeal filed by the Court of Appeal against a previous ruling.

The Court of Cassation reiterated that the government's dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood does not legitimise the group because it is still an illegal body which was dissolved legally after it failed to rectify its status.

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The Muslim Brotherhood was licensed in 1946 as a charity in Jordan affiliated with the mother group in Egypt and was relicensed in 1953 as an Islamist society.

At the end of May 2015, the Legislation and Opinion Bureau issued a legal edict allowing the transfer of the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood to the newly licensed Muslim Brotherhood Group.

The Cassation Court said that the newly establish group is not a successor of the old Muslim Brotherhood because the old one was dissolved in 1956 with no successor.

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