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El-Bakoush: A possibility of holding a Maghreb summit in 2020

March 4, 2020 at 4:47 am

The Secretary-General of the Arab Maghreb Union, Al-Tayeb El-Bakoush, said on Tuesday 3 March 2020, that there is a possibility of a summit to be held this year, gathering the Maghreb countries presidents.

This came in El-Bakoush statements for Anadolu, on the sidelines of a press conference he organized in Tunis, to present the results of a study on the return of Maghreb women from hotspots of tension.

El-Bakoush stressed the need to activate the institutions of the Maghreb Union so that its meetings and periodic work are not disrupted.

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He pointed to the acceptance of several countries, which he did not reveal, to hold a Maghreb summit this year.

He stated that he had toured some countries, including Mauritania, where agreed with President Mohamed Ould Ghazwani, on the necessity of reactivating the Union and holding of a summit soon.

El-Bakoush explained that he is preparing a new tour in the rest of the Maghreb countries to prepare for the upcoming summit.

He pointed out that there are positive signs in this regard.

The Arab Maghreb Union is a regional organization founded in 1989, in Marrakesh, Morocco, and consists of 5 countries located in the western part of the Arab world, namely Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania.

Since its establishment, the Arab Maghreb Union has faced many obstacles hindered the activation of its structures and achieving Maghreb unity, as no summit has been held at the level of leaders of the Arab Maghreb countries since 1994 summit held in Tunisia.