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Alaa Mubarak: 'The Guardian is more dangerous than COVID-19'

Coronavirus [pbs]
Coronavirus [pbs]

Alaa Mubarak, son of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, attacked the British newspaper The Guardian on Twitter, stating: "The Guardian is no less dangerous than the coronavirus regarding its rapid spread. It might even be more fatal. Days ago, the newspaper showed its ugly face by reporting rumours about the $70 billion fortune and many other lies, while publishing incorrect and misleading data and figures about the degree of the coronavirus' spread in Egypt and intentionally defaming Egypt, as has happened repeatedly before."

Mubarak's tweet was liked by many of his followers, who agreed and identified with what he wrote. One follower stated: "President Mubarak kept all the gifts he received from Arab and foreign countries in a museum called the Presidential Museum, and he is the only Egyptian president who did this. He is a military man with a high sense of dignity and pride."

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Another follower addressed Mubarak, claiming: "We all know very well who the owners of The Guardian are and we are aware of their deceptive ways. The Egyptians know very well that this newspaper tried to distort the image of President Mubarak, may Allah have mercy on his soul. Also, I will never forget the position of Mustafa Bakri, who claimed that President Mubarak had that amount of money. However, we did not see any documents to prove such allegations."

He added: "It is the first time that we see you defending Egypt, is it because the claims were reported by The Guardian?"

Other followers asked Mubarak about the value of his father's wealth, with Mubarak responding: "The prosecution said that regarding the stock market case, my father had exactly 2,051,028,724 Egyptian pounds. Will you doubt the credibility of the legislative system?"

Other activists responded to Mubarak by asking him about the family's funds in Switzerland. One of them sarcastically wrote: "I swear by God that Switzerland made endless calls on Egypt to take the funds the Swiss authorities froze… However, the Egyptian state neglected these calls."

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Another asked Mubarak: "I do believe you, isn't it $70 billion? Can you disclose the real amount which you inherited from your father, and which he saved from his monthly salary?"

Other activists recalled a video of John Kerry stating that Mubarak's wealth in the US is only estimated at $30 billion.

Others recalled that an Egyptian court had issued a final ruling in which it convicted Mubarak.

While some assumed that Mubarak's real trial will take place in the afterlife and that he will receive the penalty he deserves from Allah for the violations he has committed against the Egyptians.

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