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Calls for Morocco to dismiss justice minister

Social Media apps [Wall Boat/Flickr]
Social Media apps [Wall Boat/Flickr]

The head of the largest Moroccan opposition party called for the dismissal of the Minister of Justice because of a draft law related to the use of social media platforms and open broadcasts.

This came during the participation of the Secretary-General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, Abdellatif Ouahbi, on Sunday evening, in an online discussion on the proposed legislation, held by the independent Parallel Youth Government organisation.

"I call for the dismissal of Minister of Justice Mohamed Ben Abdelkader from the government and not only the withdrawal of the law," said Ouahbi.

Morocco: Two opposition parties reject social media draft law 

Adding that his calls come as the latter is responsible for the draft law, which came at a time when the country is witnessing cohesion and a kind of consensus behind King Muhammad VI.

Ouahbi continued: "We cannot accept that a minister comes and breaks this cohesion in light of the delicate stage the country is witnessing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic."

Ouahbi expressed his support for "social media to remain an area of conflict between the various parties in the country."

On 19 March, the Moroccan government passed a draft law related to the use of social media and open broadcasts, amid media leaks that it includes restrictions, prison terms and fines.

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