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Egypt's new bridge on collision course with residential building

Pictures of the bizarre construction, which encroaches on residents’ privacy, surfaced yesterday

Egypt has been building a bridge adjacent to – and almost touching – residential buildings in Giza, causing an outcry from local residents and social media users.

Pictures of the bizarre construction, which encroaches on residents' privacy, surfaced yesterday. In the images, the bridge can be seen to be almost touching a number of buildings in the Al-Omraniya area of Giza Governorate.

Due to be completed at the end of year, the structure is part of the "Canal of Zomor axis" project, or "King Salman axis", as it is called, according to Egyptian media.

Speaking to MBC Egypt yesterday General Mahmoud Nassar, the head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction, said buildings which conflict with the project will be removed and the residents will be compensated if their buildings were licensed, adding that there are no obstacles to complete the project.

One of the residents affected by the bridge construction, Hani Sobhi, said:

The bridge deprived us of sun and air. There is no distance between the balcony and the bridge, we are completely stuck.

Sohbi added: "I have a license for our building from Al-Omraniya municipality, and we were officially provided with electricity, water in 2009, each apartment has its documented and registered contracts."

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